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PTAMM porting to OSX Leopard

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PTAMM is an extension of the work by Georg Klein on the PTAM project, which adds multiple map support, you can read about it at the project’s website. I would advise that you download and compile PTAM first, it comes with great instructions and I have some troubleshooting notes here as you will need all the same libraries.

Now, unlike PTAM, PTAMM doesn’t come with a tailored makefile for OSX or a file. Luckily the codebases are very similar and so, with some editing it is possible to compile to OSX.

I will assume PTAM is stored in PTAM_src/ and PTAMM in PTAMM_src/ for ease.

Copy your from PTAM_src/ to PTAMM_src/

Then copy /PTAMM_src/Builds/Linux/Makefile to PTAMM_src/

Changes to first:

Beneath the includes section add the line:

 using namespace PTAMM { 

And then add the closing } at the end of the file (so the braces surround everything but the includes)

Save and exit. Then the Makefile

First locate the COMPILEFLAGS arguments, and you should see -D_LINUX. Replace this with -D_OSX

Now change your LINKFLAGS so that it matches the following:

LINKFLAGS = -framework OpenGL -framework VecLib -lGVars3 -lcvd $(3DSLIB)

It is vitally important that the reference to the OpenGL framework is there otherwise nothing will compile. Now you should be able to follow the standard install instructions and everything should go OK.

These instructions were made on a leopard (10.5.8) box. Snow Leopard instructions to follow from Andrew Hatch. I’ll link here when they are ready.


Written by Adam Clarkson

August 17, 2010 at 4:22 pm